Hey! If we haven’t met yet, I am Claire, and I am so passionate about food and giving everyone the opportunity to eat a healthy, balanced diet, even those fussy eaters!

Every recipe you find here has been tried and tested on my own family and friends.

I understand that there is so much more expected of Mums than ever before, we are stretched thin and sometimes something has to give to keep us sane. Often this is around food, sometimes it is just easier to give lunch order money, heat up frozen chips and nuggets or grab takeaway on the way home.

Believe me, I get it! It doesn’t have to be this way though.

With a bit of planning (which I do for you) meal time anxiety can be a thing of the past.

Family Meal Plans

Want some simple ideas to feed your family whilst sticking to a budget??

Please, let me help you!

Food Photography

Need some piccies taken of your food/recipes, I am happy to help.

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Yes, I am still making meals and delivering them in certain parts of Victora.

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Low Cal Meal Plans

Colette “The HIIT Mum” McShane and I are still still smashing the kilos offa people over at The HIIT Kitchen.

Need a fat loss plan, click the link to find one.

So who am I?

My name is Claire and I’m a wife and mother of two girls. I manage multiple businesses including a catering business and being one half of The HIIT Kitchen which provides healthy weight loss recipes and eBooks. Like you, I am constantly being accused of taking on too much and I hate to admit it but sometimes this is true 😉

I am actually a graphic designer but have always had a love of eating so of course it made sense to dabble in that area. After having my second baby life dramatically changed and I noticed how much all my Mumzi mates were struggling to keep up with daily life so to take the pressure off I started a Facebook page where I would sell ready made meals and snacks. As you can imagine there was a bigger uptake on this service than I ever imagined!

From here I created my website dinner.lunchwithlove.com.au to start collating orders and make life a little easier.

It was through doing this that I met Collette (The HIIT Mum) and we decided to join forces and create recipe books that were calorie controlled, nutritious and more importantly tasted great.

Because I had a bit of spare time (wink, wink) and wanted to expand my knowledge I began studying a Bachelor of Food & Nutrition at La Trobe. I love how much diet can have a huge impact on so many areas of a person’s life and want to pass the passion onto others in an easy way.

I get that we are told we must have a certain number of fresh fruit and veggies per day and more is better but I also know how hard this can be to implement when life gets in the way. My eldest was a SUPER fussy eater, to the point of being sick constantly so I feel your pain and am not creating recipes that only certain children will eat.

All these things have accumulated over time and ended here. My website. Where you will find healthy, family friendly, delicious recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and much more. All prepared so that any family can eat this way no matter how tight the budget.

This site is for you and your family so please contact me if you have any special requests or would like some assistance.

Enjoy x